Video transcription

I usually pull this through the hanger because it helps keep control of your wire. Cause if you don't, this is going to be flopping all over when you are trying to do what you're trying to do. You go through the bottom cross the wire back through, pull make a little cinch, and start to wrap. I wrap about 6-7 times then I cut my tail off. Pull this over here I usually start with real tight across here go under back through the top and back to me, pull, tighten it up, twist it around 6-7 times, cut your tail off. Last thing I do before I stop this process is I grab a hold of it and I pull really tight to ensure that this isn't coming loose, this is all tight and snug. Therefore it's going to hang on the wall well. We put these little feet they're called rubber bumps. They just help keep it from swaying on the wall. They help protect your wall from getting scratched from the frame and you have one frame piece ready to go on the wall.