Video transcription

Hi, I'm Pam on behalf of Expert Village and today I'm going to show you different art projects for kids. One great thing that we learned how to do is to incorporate things that kids love every day into art projects, it makes it more fun. Many of you've seen Happy Feet. So here's one thing you can do is talk about Happy Feet and polar animals such as penguins. The first thing you want to do is take some white chalk and some black paper. You want to trace the child's foot, their shoe, which that'll be fun because they get to take their shoe off which I've already done because I needed a kid's shoe. You trace it onto the black paper and have them cut it out. It's very important that you have kids do it that way it's more theirs and they can be prouder about it. Then you want to take the little white belly and you glue it on the black penguin, like that. Then you have the little googly eyes which, trust me, every kid loves. They go crazy about. And use some orange paper for the beak. So you want to take, just cut a little triangle for the beak, it doesn't have to be perfect. This actually works better if you do it because when you get paper that small, kids have a hard time handling it. And the important thing is to let the kid make the project their own. So you can let them stick the beak anywhere they want, if they want to put the beak down near the foot of the penguin, right there, let them do it. And then you glue on the eyes and you have a great little penguin. Another polar animal that's really easy to make is a polar bear. Now I've already precut the polar bear head. Make sure you have the ears and everything and you glue it on to a piece of, you can do black paper, red paper, green paper, whatever color paper that the kid wants to use. And you take some cotton balls, you can stretch the cotton ball out, you can leave the cotton ball like it is, it doesn't matter. You want to glue the cotton ball onto the paper. Once you've done that, these little fuzz balls, you can use a black one, you can use a brown one, you can use a piece of paper, it really doesn't matter but you glue on like this. You have the cotton balls, you can glue on some eyes, you can glue on a mouth. Some kids, like I said, they want to stick their mouth up here, they want to stick the nose down here, it really doesn't matter. And this, you don't really need that many things to make it but they're fun activities that you can talk about with your kids.