Video transcription

WE are going to take a look at "Misirlou" by Dick Dale and the Daletones. Let's go to the guitar. Now if you are going to do this you have to learn to alternate pick like a maniac, okay? We are going to do it slowly for you. It opens up with just a bunch of alternate picked open E. And then we are going to start fretting and I will tell you what frets we are on. One, two, three, four. Here we go. The first fret, then fourth, five, seven, eight, eleven, eight, O, seven. Then you repeat that. After two of those we are going to go eight, seven, eight or eight, seven, eight, eight, seven. Down to the fifth fret, seven, five, seven, five, seven, five, four, O, four. With the picking it sounds like this. Then we go to the seventh fret and alternate between that and the five. And that basically finishes up the intro to that song. In medium tempo it sounds like this. Alright, let's do that to speed. Alright, now that is a really tough one, okay? Take it slow. Get a copy of "Misirlou" if you have to. Use Windows Media Player, it has a slow down feature if you rip the song from a CD and you can use Windows Media Player to slow that down. The new version of Windows Media Player. You probably have to slow it down to get it right. In our next segment we are going to do "Free Bird" by Lynard Skynard. I'll see you there.