Video transcription

Hey guys, it's Jerimae Yoder. I'm talking about popular songs that you can play on acoustic and showing a little about those songs. Teaching a little bit on how to play some of these songs. The next song there are tons of variations on the web. This is probably the simplest way I found to play it. I play it at live hundreds of times almost. It's a song by Supertramp that the Goo Goo Dolls redid called "Give A Little Bit." It's a fun acoustic song to play. Some to the basic chords to it are A7 and D. There's G. There's an E suspended and it resolves to regular E, and also A suspended and regular A. Then there's also a little variation with the B minor. There's B minor in there. There's a bridge portion with an F sharp 7 and that goes to B minor. A lot of chords in this one. At the end of the song there's a little DGA thing, but it's played kind of like this. It's the G all the way up. It's basically keeping the D formation but sliding up to the 7th fret, the 9th fret, back down to 7 and back down to root on the D. One other chord that does appear in the song is from the A7. It slides up 2 frets to an A minor 7 type of chording. If you think about the A minor down here but you add the third, but then you slide up 2 frets. Practice that a couple of times until you can get that. It goes back and forth in the chorus.