Video transcription

Hi, I'm Frank Pope, FBI Guitars I'm here on behalf of Expert Village to give you some tips on how o build your own guitar. Now I'm going to talk to you about something that you need to remember if you're going to be building an electric guitar that has the solid bridge to it. If you're building a guitar with a tremolo bridge you're always going to have access to the underside of the bridge through the back of the guitar and also through the springs. If you're going to build a stop tail guitar such as this, remember you're not going to have access to the bridge from the back. There's no way to get to it! In order for these strings to be transmitted electronically though these pickups, they must be ground on the same circuit as the controls. The way that you accomplish this by making sure that there is a ground wire attached to this particular post. You can't see the ground wire because it was installed in the bottom of the whole for this post prior to putting the post in the guitar. They way you do it is you just take a short piece of wire strip off the end, ball it up so that you have lots of exposed wire. You go through this cavity and you drill a hole into the very bottom of the whole that this post is going to go into stick the wire in there with the curl up part on the bottom and then you sink the stud that's going to contain this post. Then you'll be able to utilize that ground wire in these controls and the entire bridge and strings will be grounded to the same circuit.