Video transcription

Hi, I'm Emily Larew, and we're continuing on with our beginning tap combination. We are now on counts one through four of our third count of eight. So we have, we just finished our Elvis. We're going to start with our left foot and we're going to stomp. I want you to throw your hands down so your left hand is table top and your right hand is table top but directly in front of you. You're going to stomp on that left, so give me a nice big plie. One, you're going to ball change, and two, Suzy Q, so your hands are going to come right over top of each other, right over left, and make sure your fingers are facing your wrist. You have Suzy Q and three, you're going to brush, step backwards, and four, while you're turning you're going to chug to the back. I want your hands to go to your hips and you're going to give a big pelvic thrust forward while you're chugging. So you're going to chug four and. Alright, so make sure again, you're going to keep your balls of your feet on the floor, drop your heels, and push forward. Alright, to the back. So to break that down again, we have, one, and two, and three, and four, and. Good, one more time. Six, seven, stomp. Stomp, ball, change, Suzy Q, brush, step, chug. Alright a little faster. Five, six, seven, and. Good, jive from the top. Six, seven, and. Five, and six, and seven, and eight. A one, and two, and three,and four, bum, bum, seven, and eight. One and two, and three, and four, and. Good.