Video transcription

Hi, welcome to making a bust out of clay. My name is David and we are going to go over the supplies you're going to need for this project. I've got a big block of white clay that you can get from your local art store and I've got a towel here to keep my hands clean and I've already cut off some clay here. We've got a sponge, got a clay cutting tool, I've got a clay needle, a potter's rib, a loop and a couple other, this is a wooden shaping tool. So I've also got a bowl here full of water. I've laid down some plastic to keep my drawing table clean when I'm done I can just put it up. And also you want to keep your clay when you're not using it you want to keep it wrapped up tight so it doesn't dry out because as someone told me earlier, it will be just a big paperweight. So these are some of the, so these are the supplies we're going to be using to do this and we'll see you in the next clip.