Video transcription

With our tree shape fully established, next we can actually move on to putting Christmas tree lights on the tree. You are going to want to make sure to test your lights out to make sure that they work by first plugging them in. You should have a socket near your artificial Christmas tree, preferably no more than three feet away so you aren't wasting a lot of Christmas tree lights just on stranding it from the socket to your tree. And basically, the way to hang the lights is, starting from the bottom branches, we are going to use a weave technique. Basically, we are going to go up and over a branch, then underneath the next one, and then up and over the next branch as well. And basically what we are going to do is, we are going to wrap these lights all the way around the tree, working back behind the tree. Then, making sure that we are going to go all the way almost up to the very top, but not quite. So basically what you are going to want to do is literally wind around the tree. Keep coming around, making sure that your lights are properly spaced and that you are weaving them around the branches as I've already said. That will manage to keep your lights on here, and also make sure that your lights are untangled before you get started.