Video transcription

Now that we have it all trimmed up, we're ready to finish this card up. We're going to need our hole punch. I'm going to just punch, as far as the punch will reach, at the bottom, as far as the punch will reach, at the top. Then, with just a length of curling ribbon, or if you have some skinny grosgrain ribbon, or packing twine. Remember you might be stuck at the office. So, just whatever you can scrounge around. And I think that looks nice, when it's like that. You know, you've got it criss-crossing on the inside, and then back out again. Now we didn't punch our holes with the card closed, of course, because then we wouldn't be able to open the card. And, that would be silly. And then, we can tie that in a little bow. But this time, I don't want bow, I want it to just be in a little knot. Don't want anything too frilly. Going to be a nice, tight square knot. Then, we're just going to snip. Snip. Now, let's do the inside. One more receipt on the inside. This time I'm going to put the glue on the receipt itself, and just stick it right there. Maybe at an angle, so it has a little panache. OK, here's what we're going to write inside this card, because we're so witty. They're receipts, right? So, let's write, hope you're in receipt of one happy birthday! Isn't that cute? And, we can put a little smile on the cover. Now let's say that you're in a business that doesn't have receipt books. Maybe your company has one of these message books. Here's a variation on this card, that is so fun. Just paste the message forms all over the front of the card. Make yourself a little face. Just a short message and it can say anything inside. To wish you a happy birthday. To say congratulations, or to say, wanted to let you know that you're fired. Just whatever you need, for whatever message occasion you have going on, in your office. So, there's some, two really cute card ideas, that will rescue you from a greeting card emergency in the office. You can write any little message you like, on the inside of this card. It can say, just a short message to wish you a happy birthday, to say congratulations, to say get well soon, we miss you or you're fired. So, I hope you've enjoyed these really fun things that you can do with office supplies. Maybe you'll never look at office supplies the same way again. I'm Amy Snively, thanks for spending this time with me.