Video transcription

I'd like to show you the swing path of what you see on television every week, what the really good golfers are doing. They're swinging the club back fairly straight at the beginning of the take away, they're going up to the top of the back swing and then from there they're working the club down on the inside as the legs are transitioning the down swing. Their club is swinging from inside the target line to along the target line at impact striking the golf ball and then the club is following a circle back to the left. It moves back left of the target line, they're not really swinging way out to the right, they're swinging from inside to square to back inside and into the finish. A lot of golfers think of inside out and sometimes they may over do that and try to hit too much to the right, but for the average player they need to think swing to the right, that's really important you swing to the right of the target.