Video transcription

Today I'm here to talk about how to roller skate, more specifically, going backwards. Going backwards is sometimes more difficult than going forwards and often you're likely to fall. Again, don't be afraid of falling. The fear of falling is far worse than the fall itself. The first thing that you need to do is be in a very comfortable stance. Making sure your knees are not locked and that your body is soft, it's not ridged like a robot. Then, while you're in a stopped position, there are two ways of actually getting going backwards. The first and easiest and best for a beginner is to attempt to make a figure eight with your legs. That is taking both feet while on skates and pushing them out to the sides and then bringing them back in and then pushing them out to the sides and then bringing them back in. Another way of attempting to go backwards from a stopped position would be to move only one leg. You would move it in sort of a "w" or a backwards "3" depending on which legs is your dominate leg. Keeping all of your weight positioned on one leg or the other, you would move the leg that has no weight on it away from your body and then back in and then away from your body and back in while constantly keeping most of your weight on one leg or the other. And that is how you go backwards.