Video transcription

Hello! This is John from Expert Village. This next segment is going to be on sight alignment and shooting the target. Most targets have a black center, which is a 10 blank ring. You go from 9, 8, 7, 6 and a 5 usually. Shooting a target is the easy part. The hard part is sight alignment. Most pistols you’re going to have the three post sight; two in the back by the hammer, then one in front by the end of the barrel. Basically with these two you have to line up the two in the back and one in front and a straight line across. By doing that, you’ll shoot accurately. A little demonstration here, I pick up the weapon. Again, check it and make sure there’s no round in the chamber or in the magazine. Slide forward, off safe, hammer down, back on safe. Now, you can see the sights from here. The two in the back and the one in front. You see these little dots on the sight? That’s radium. It’s basically a radioactive material. Harmless to humans but it glows at night. When you’re shooting in less than perfect conditions, you can see the target; you can see your sights align and make sure you’re shooting accurately. My name is John with Expert Village.