Video transcription

Next we're going to talk about disc selection and different shots that you can use for different holes. So here I found myself in a position where I'm sixty, seventy feet away from the basket, and for this shot I'm going to use my AVRX. It's got the little bead on the bottom of the disc. That gives me more accuracy and control over the disc. I've selected to use my AVR putter, just because I don't have much in front of me other than I do have an obstacle of a couple of trees to the, about ten feet to the right of the basket. But with the AVR, I know that I can throw this disc fairly straight and not have it turn over into that tree too much. If I'm within thirty feet of the basket, I'm not allowed to move my feet or step in front. Since I'm farther than thirty feet, I can do, I can do, a couple of different shots, a couple of different shots. For me, I like to just try to throw the disc straight in there because I have a tree to my right and I have a little bit of a head wind. I'm going to throw the disc with the wing a little bit up just so the disc will try to suck over to the right and then come at end. So for me, I like to actually shoot it with my foot a little bit at an angle of the spot instead of being straight at it, with my knee straight at it and point my toe. I actually like to twist my foot a little bit to the side and try to get that kind of angle right at the basket so that when I throw the disc, it's actually coming off of the side of my body instead of halving a throw with my hips straight at the basket and throwing it straight at it, which is still a great shot. But for me, I don't have enough control with those straight putts that I have to still pull the disc across my body and get the flick. So, I'm going to stay behind my marker here. I'm going to try to aim up my disc. I'm going to try to visualize in my head what the disc is going to do and how it's going to do it, and then I'm just going to make it happen. So now I'm going to demonstrate, demonstrate the putt. So, and that sets me up for a great par. I parked it five, ten feet from the basket. If you can get five to ten feet from the basket, and practice, practice, practice, you're going to walk away with a par every time.