Video transcription

Why do we practice? Why do we work on our game? Why do we do all the things we do? Well in essence, what we want to do is create one consistent response. If we can learn to do one thing really well, we get pretty good at it. In golf, all you need is one good swing. It works on your putting, your chipping, your pitching, and even your driver. In essence, your hands and the clubs start it back, your arms swing the club at your target. Your hands and your clubs swing it back. Your arms swing you’re the club at your target. On a full swing, the hands and club start it back and your arms swing the club at the target. Consistency is gripping it the same, having good towards, aiming it the same, and making the same 2 good parts of the swing. The good back swing and a good forward swing. You control the distance by how far you take your hands and the club back and how fast you swing your arms on a forward swing. One controls the arch, the other one controls the club head speed. All you need is one consistent swing. Does this sound simple? Well let me tell you something, it is simple. It’s called the kiss method. Keep it simple stupid. Why? Because the physical part of the game is not the hard part. Golf is a brain game. You have to think the ball around the course. Look at all the mini middle obstacles you have to overcome. Imagine 50 people watching you tee off on the first tee. Now, imagine Tiger Woods with about 2,000. Imagine 2,000 people watching you put a 3 footer in the last hole to win the U.S. Open. How about your 4 buddies hoping you miss it so they don’t lose all their money. That out of bounds to the right, that lake to left, those 4 bunkers; they’re all mental obstacles. If you keep it simple, develop one really good response. I promise you, you can overcome those obstacles.