Video transcription

In this segment, I'm going to talk about hand position, and that doesn't mean grip. It basically means, hand position in relation to the club head, at address. Many people address the ball with their hands either too far back, boy is that weak. Imagine hitting a baseball like this, and some people have it too far up, also not good. Having a correct hand position, once again, which means your hands, in relation to the club head. The way to find that with the baseball swing, once again, is with the waggle. When you waggle that club, just like you would waggle that bat, and when you get square right here, do you see the position my hands are in, in relation to that club head? I'm not going like this. That probably looks ridiculous. I'm not going like this. That also looks way out of whack. I'm letting the waggle create it. I feel strong. I feel strong right here, strong. Now in that position, my hands are slightly ahead of the club head. The shaft is not straight, it's on a bit of an angle, and that hand position is so important in shot making, in being strong, in being repeating, accurate. Hand position, learn it with the waggle. It's a huge part of shot making.