Video transcription

Hi! I am Jason Wyatt head golf professional here at Sunningdale Golf and Country Club and I am here to show all these lefties how to hit a golf shot. Today we are going to work on the back swing. As we talked about before grip, stance alignment posture is very key, so I got my grip on the golf club, I got my stance and my posture, now all you lefties at home are probably thinking I am a right-handed golfer, the best part of me being a teacher and being right-handed in teaching left-handed players is that we are an exact mirror image, so you are looking at me right now, you could stand in front of a screen and do the exact same thing I am doing. So once again we are going to set up, nice, neat flex, nice spine angle and now to get the back swing, a lot of people like to pick the golf club up very quickly, we do not like to see that, hit the golf ball straight in a nice wide arc, so what I would like to do is two steps, start here, take the golf club up what I call the 9’o clock position, ball being 6’o'clock and my head being 12 o'clock and my clubs at 9’o clock. The toe of my golf club is pointing directly up in the air and the golf shaft itself is pointing parallel to my target, so what I have done is drive the golf club back into this position here, from here our hip starts to turn, our club straightens up and our shoulder goes underneath our chin, once you have completed the back swing, now it is just back down to those simple little steps, back down to 9 o'clock or the toes up and down to impact, so once again quickly set up backs the 9 o'clock position our toes pointing up in the air and we now lift up into this position and our shoulder should rotate underneath our chin, use this step and you will hit better golf shots.