Video transcription

Deer season typically falls around rutting period which is the mating season for deer. During this time, bucks especially are the most active and it really broadens your hunting possibilities. You can rattle mimicking a deer fight over a particular doe. You can use scents which are pretty much ineffective outside of the rut period or the mating season and bucks tend to be much more active in setting scrapes, traveling, setting their domain and protecting their territory during this period. In different parts of the country the rutting period is different, even in states it is different. So for instance in Texas the rutting period in the north typically falls in early mid November whereas in south Texas the Texas brush country it will fall during the mid December months. Mid December. You also have a pre rut, a peak rut, and a post rut and it can vary your hunting strategy while doing it. During the pre rut the bucks are just starting to set their domain and if you are rattling you can use a different method. During peak rut it is very difficult to get bucks to change from their normal course but they travel a whole lot which really adds to the number of deer that you see. Then the post rut is when most of the does have already been mated and it is the prime time when you can use various rattling techniques and various scents to attract bucks as they are trying to find the various of does that have not been mated yet.