Video transcription

This next exercise is called a Lateral Squat. You can do this with or without a platform. I'm going to do it on the platform, makes it a little bit more difficult. So, if you are in the beginning stages of an exercise like this you may not want to use the platform or you can use the platform and maybe take a couple of the risers off. These are two inch risers. So, I have six inches of space above me. What you want to do is start right here, both feet on the riser, and you want to step down here. But, you only want to step down about a shoulder width. You just want to squat down and come on back up pushing up through the heel of leg that is still on the platform. It is basic down and up. Again, keep your abs tight, shoulders back, and your back straight. Head neutral with the spine. Always protect your body when your doing any kind of weight bearing exercise. On the other side. Just come on down, about a shoulder width down, and come on up. If you like, grab yourself a set of dumbbells, let them rest at your sides, and perform the exercise with a bit more difficulty. There's your Lateral Squat with or without a platform depending on your general level of fitness.