Video transcription

The next knot we're going to do is The Duncan's Loop. It's a nice one, if you want to have a loop where your line is connected to your fly or your lure. Maybe it gives a little bit more natural movement through the water. So what we'll do is we'll go through the eye of the hook. Give yourself a little bit more tag this time. And what we're going to do is come forward here and we're going to take this tag and make a complete circle, so another loop. So a loop here, as well as that loop going through the eye of the hook. And then we're going to take the tag and we're going to wrap it around the long end, through the loop. So, like so. And we're going to give it maybe five or six here, one, two, three, four, five. And so it will look like that. And then we pull the tag end tight. Okay, so now we've got our loop here. And what you can do, is you can slide that loop down, fairly close to the eye of the hook, and then if you pull this tag end nice and tight, it will sort of lock that loop. So now you've got a nice little loop connection. Maybe if you wanted to tie on your fly or your lure with a little bit heavier line, then this will give it a little bit more natural action by having that loop there. So that's The Duncan's Loop.