Video transcription

First one and probably the easiest to attach your line to your hook is The Clinch Knot. And, a lot of these knots will go by different names, so you might have heard it called something else, but this basically, The Clinch Knot is the easiest one. Um, it's also a very strong one and it's one that uses up very little of your leader material. The first thing you do obviously is stick it through the eye of the hook. Pull out enough to um, usually, usually three or four inches is plenty. And then you're going to pinch it here between your fingers. And then wrap the tag end around the long side. Uh, depending on the thickness of your material, anywhere from four or five times to maybe even ten times. The thinner the material is the more wraps you want to make. So we'll just give it say five wraps here, one, two, three, four, five wraps. And then we take the tag end and we just poke it back through that little space it made when we first started wrapping. And what you can do, the nice thing about The Clinch Knot is you can just grab this here and just pull it tight. And you'll use very, very little of your leader material. And that's it. And once again, as I said in the intro, before you tighten that up, you'll want to make sure, you know you get it wet. So, before I tighten it I usually stick it in my mouth. Although some places, you might not want to do that. Um, but uh that helps it, helps lubricate it. Let's it tighten up without weakening your material. So that's The Clinch Knot. We'll clip that off and do that again for you real quick here. Probably the easiest one to tie and pretty strong. Okay go through, one, two, three, four, five. Remember you can do more or you can do less. Depending on the thickness of material. Back through the hole. And, pull it tight, after we wet it of course. That's your Clinch Knot.