Video transcription

In this segment we're going to take you onto the dreaded lunges. I know they're the one workout that is just so miserable and they're so difficult, but just doing a few of these every single day you're going to see a dramatic improvement in your leg with your inner thigh, with your glutes, with your hamstrings, all the way through. But we're really trying to focus on that inner thigh so really make sure that you watch as I do my lunges. We're just going to do lunge in place. We're just going to come all the way down. Let's keep our hands in that boxer position here and look at how tight this muscle becomes. Of course our hamstrings and our quad becomes tight as well but that inner thigh is going to tighten up just as much. I'm going to just bring it back together and come back down for another lunge. Now it's really important when you do your lunges that this knee does not drop over your toe. It always stays parallel here. Bring it back up. Now if this is too simple for you, you're an expert on lunges and you don't have to work that hard for it you can come and do pulses. So let's say we came back down for one, you can pulse for five; four, three, two, one. As you do this you're not only going to feel a burn on the inner thigh here but as well as the leg down that is stabilizing us. Come back together and continue in on the other leg.