Video transcription

In this segment we're going to take it up off of the ground and we're actually going to take more of a lunge position on but focus on that inner thigh. So not just any lunge, we're going to do a side step boxer lunge is what I like to call it. You're going to keep your arms in the right position, keep those abs nice and tight, but focus on the inner thighs and our quads. So we're going to bring ourself up to a standing position and you're just going to start doing a side squat. So you're just going to come down into this, come back to the center and immediately go back down to this. We want this to be a continuous motion, we don't ever want those inner thighs to be able to rest. I don't want you to come all the way back up and then go all the way back down. We just want to stay down the entire time increasing how low you go. Really squeezing in the glutes and the inner thigh. This side step motion is really working our inner thigh here especially when we come back together and come back out. We're not allowing it to have a break, we're not allowing it to come back up and relax. We're going to take it back down, really keep those hands in the boxer position so that you're not using your arms for momentum and keep stepping out to side to side. Now the easier that this becomes for you the more you're going to be able to do it. It is really important that those knees stay behind the toes, don't let your knees drop forward over the top. You're going to feel a great burn from this workout.