Video transcription

The next exercise is called "Side Lying Inner Thigh Lifts". In the same position that you were for the "Side Lifts", but you're going to take your top leg and just cross it over in front of the right leg. So, on an inhale, lift the right leg up to the ceiling and lower it down. Inhaling and exhaling is pretty neutral on this exercise. Just do whichever pattern feels most comfortable. And up, and down, and up and down. You'll want to do this ten times with a pointed foot, and then ten times with a flexed foot. Once you've finished ten pointed foot and ten with a flexed foot, do tiny circles. Ten in one direction, point the foot, and then do ten in the other direction. An excellent exercise for your inner thigh muscles. And again, allow the front hand to support you somewhat and try to keep your hips as on top of each other as possible.