Video transcription

Mountain Pose is a good way to start your standing series of Yoga basic poses. Get yourself grounded, let's get you get kinetic awareness from head to toe, active that center of gravity your core strength. You want to activate and spread your weight on all four corners of both feet resting from head to toe. Think from the front of the foot to the back of the foot. Work your awareness up towards your knees, slightly bent, soft joints, hips square, navel into your spine, just let your hands relax. Keep a nice tall chest. Keep that ribcage diaphragmatic breathing going, big inhale. Open up the ribs, expand the lungs. Exhale, feel everything C shape back in. Shoulders nice and depressed. Head in line with the spine. Back over the shoulders. Lifting tall through the top of the head. And, at the same time feeling that energy flow and lift right through the top of the head right down to the bottom pressing your feet into the mat. With those soft knee joints, big inhale. Open up the ribs, exhale. Don't let anything move. Just let that energy flow from top to bottom. Inhale, release and let everything just round through. It's a very subtle movement. You're not going to see a lot of movement to the naked eye. You just want everything from within to get used to stabilizing and balancing. And, activate your breathing. Nice square stance. Nice active Mountain Pose.