Video transcription

Today I would be talking about how to tack up a horse. Next we are going to be demonstrating how to put on and attach the running martingale. Once again we start by putting the martingale over the horses head. We are going to undo the girth and just like the standard martingale the girth is going to go through the loop on the bottom and it is just as important to make sure this martingale is evenly in the middle between his shoulders. Then the girth comes on again. You want once again to be fitted relaxed, loose enough that it is not going to pull too tight around his neck and cut off circulation. This looks good and you want the loop to be able to come up close to his wither, close to his neck, which this is really good. Once you go to get on, you would take each rein keeping it straight without any twist and it going to come up through the martingale ring. Each one is going to come up through the martingale ring, around his neck, and attach.