Video transcription

Alright so if you do already have pigs or you are thinking about having pigs on your farm, most likely a lot of farmers have pigs in order to have piglets and that is where they will go to market and they will get meat for that. So breeding is a little complex when it comes to pigs because they are so large animals. Hazel here is a little over a year and she will get much larger but in order to breed her, we will need a bore who is a male pig for her. A bore can be much larger but bores are a little more energetic and they have a lot of spunk to them where a lot of people don't have the housing to house another large pig. So either if you have another pig farm nearby, you could take the female, the sow to that bore or there is artificial insemination which your agricultural vet can do that for you in order for your sow to be bred officially.