Video transcription

I will be talking about the reasons that you will not want to own a Sugar Glider. Number one, they are very difficult to take care of. They can bite, they not necessarily friendly to children, they have sharp claws, and very sharp teeth. They will bite you if you try to restrain them forcefully. They will urinate down you arm upon waking because they cannot be potty trained, and their cage is also typically coated with urine. They make a terrible mess when they eat and leave bits of food within a 2 foot radius of the cage. If you don't feed their cage every couple of days you will be able to smell the odor from their cage. They will bark during the night, which can wake you up. The average life span is fifteen years, food preparation takes about 5-15 minutes per night and live insects are part of their diet. Required food is not available at pet stores because there is not a kibble available. They are prone to getting into trouble when they get bored and do not get along well with other animals. They are cute and cuddly and very exotic but they are very difficult to care for. Visiting other families Sugar Gliders prior to adopting your own is highly recommended to verify this is the pet for you.