Video transcription

Now some dogs, they have hair that that gets, that grows from down inside their ears and you need to pluck some of that hair out in between grooming visits. To do that we're going to use the ear powder and we sprinkle just a little bit in there, you can see, just a little bit. And that enhances the hair so you can see and it also helps you get a little bit of a grip. Sometimes it can be a little uncomfortable for them, but you just pull some of this out. This is where the hemostats come in handy. Hang on Sush. And you can get most of it out this way. A little bit at a time doesn't hurt them as bad. You can see down inside there, pull it out. And then we'll finish it with the ear cleaner. Okay Sush, okay. But that's how you get the hair out of your dog's ear.