Video transcription

Hi, this is Elise from Expert and in this video clip we are going to be talking about having the dog learn to hold a position while a judge goes over and gives him an examination. Tai, come over this way. Can you sit? Good boy. We are going to be using Tai right here. Wait and we are going to show how you have a dog hold a stand stay while the judge goes over him. Tai can you stand and wait. Wait. First I want to get that alert look from the dog. Good boy! Wait. I want to stack my dog. Stay. I’ve got my dog in a position now to go over and have an examination by a judge. The first thing a judge does is comes over and take a look at the dogs head. Typically they feel muzzled depth and length and they are going to want to see the dog’s teeth. They are going to want to close the dog’s mouth and take a look at the dog’s bite. Tai has a very nice scissor bite. Some breeds the judges actually check to see if the dog has all of the teeth. You want to have your dog familiar and used to this action. The next thing the judges are going to do is come down to the neck length and strength. Feel the strength of the dog’s back, shoulders chest and the depth of the chest. Coming all back to the rear, going to want to feel a well muscled dog. In some breeds they actually will measure the tail length and in this particular breed the judges have to get down on the ground and they have to feel that the dog has to dew claws in the back. Okay, good boy.