Video transcription

Now we're going to clip your dog's nails. The things that we need, when we clip the dog's nails, we're going to need nail clippers and we're going to need a little bit of stop bleed or styptic powder. You can get it at the local pet store. We're going to keep that handy, hopefully we won't need that today. So, here's Sadie's nails, you can see the white nail. The white nails are the easiest to cut. You can see the skin that comes forward. We're going to cut it, just before, you go to the skin. We're going to cut just a little bit off. That's a good girl, Sadie. And the black nail. People say, "well I can cut the white nail, but not the black nail". Well, the black nail's the same. We're just going to go back, just a little bit. You can see the hollow. So we're just going to cut the end off, just like that. Same with the other nails. When you hesitate, and you notice I'm not holding her. I'm not holding her body, I'm just holding her foot, gently. Giving her some give, so if she wants to pull on me, she can. We're going to use there's the dew claw. So, we have nice, trim nails for Sadie.