Video transcription

Hi I’m Uchendah Alete, and in this clip we will be going over how to steam chicken. So the chicken that I recommend that we best use for steam cooking is chicken breasts. It steams so well and tastes so great. So I really recommend that you just steam chicken breasts. First what we want to do is, we want to take off the skin. I’m going to do that with a knife. Okay so once your chicken is skinned, all you have to do is put some spices on top of the chicken. Lemon pepper is the most popular one, and so you might want to use that, but you can use any spices. So I am going to put some spice on here. All you need to do is put some water in your steamer. As you can see, I don’t have that much water. All you need is a decent level, then you put your strainer in there, that way the steam can raise from the bottom to the top. Just add your chicken and then put the top on. Then you are ready to go. Make sure that it is on high heat, and soon your chicken will be done. Okay so about 10 minutes through you want to come check on your chicken, and you want to cut some slits in it. Check how it is doing. Cut like about 3 slices, and then you want to flip it over because the steam is rising up, and you want the steam to get through to the chicken. After 25 minutes, your chicken should be done. Here you have a nice steamed up chicken for you to eat.