Video transcription

Hello this is Chef Shawn Roe on behalf of our next preparation is a basic baking preparation for chicken. What we are going to do is take a little olive oil. Put it in the bottom of the baking pan. We are going to place our chicken breast on top of the oil. We are going to use we are going to be making a rosemary chicken today. So we are going to put a little rosemary and some garlic and of course some little salt and pepper. What this is going to do it is going to roast the garlic so it is going to be a roasted garlic flavor. The trick really is to put another layer of olive oil a thin one. Just a little bit. Then to add just a little water to the pan this isn't consider braising because it is the oven and it is not a it is not a single heat source from the bottom. But just a little water on the bottom will keep the pan and the chicken from getting to hot and therefore keeping it moist. We just want to place in the oven at bake for 350. In a conventional oven this would take close to 30 minutes to complete and when done you could re-season to taste and you are ready to go. Here is our bake chicken after it is been cooked. It is very moist, very tender, very aromatic. You see we roasted the garlic in the herbs and spices on top.