Video transcription

Our forth and final preparation is going to be a batter dip fry fish. So first step is to make our batter. Batters are comprised of all purpose flour, eggs, and any seasoning that you like to use. Some people chose to use beer as a flavoring a batter dip a beer batter is very nice as well. We are going to just be making a pretty standard one. We are going to take some flour, some egg, and we are going to add some milk, of course some salt, fresh ground pepper. I'm going to add a little spice we could add just a little bit of chili powder, just a dollop of oil. We are going to be whisking this around and what we are looking for is a kind of a thick stick mixture. It has to stick to the fish and this is how we like our batter to look. It has a nice consistency nice and thick. Don't want it to watery or it would just run right off the fish. You want to make sure that you get perfect coverage of the fish. Nice, thin, coating.