Video transcription

You can also use a melon baller for this job. For a watermelon, it'll take a long time to melon ball this whole watermelon, but it's a nice touch. If you don't want to use the melon baller for the whole watermelon then we'll carefully trim out the flesh. With a short sawing motion just like we did before. You don't want to go too deep because you don't want to come out. Just go down about an inch all the way around. Then you can begin cutting out sections of fruit. Maybe a wider knife is a little better for this because you can pull that out and then cut the pieces into a bowl. Just cut out sections like this using the different knives that make is easier to pull sections of the fruit. Continue in this way until you've emptied the whole watermelon. Let me show you at the canopy section. I don't know if I'm showing you that well. Take the knife in a short sawing motion and cut into it there and then cut there and pull that watermelon out. You want to try to get it out in bigger chunks so that you can use it again. You want to be able to cut it into good bite size pieces. Sometimes it's difficult to do that. After you get most of the usable fruit out of it, we're just going to clean it up. We're just going to take a very large spoon and scrape along just to get it sort of cleaned out. Then you can just dump that. It get very wet. Into a bowl and just continue to scrape it until it's nice and cleaned up and there's no seeds and extra pieces in there.