Video transcription

Okay the next thing we are going to do is a couple of ears of corn. So I just took some fresh corn and shucked it, took the silk off of it, opened up my grill and you can set the corn this way if you want; probably wouldn't hurt. I'm going to set mine cross ways till I get a better looking grill mark because this corn is about the same size so it doesn't matter which one goes where. It is also kind of hard to brush oil on the corn but I am going to try. Going to brush top here, roll it over. Brush it all the way around and since I am brushing it on the grill, it doesn't matter if I spill a little bit because it is just going to go on the grill and a little bit of salt here, little pepper on top. This one does look a little smaller so there we go. Now you know what, I think it is an optical illusion. All right so we are going to push our corn back a little bit while we set the top down on it. There we go and because of the hinge located back here on the back of the machine which you will see back over here, there is a hinge that allows you to put stuff in. It will actually lift the hinge up to accommodate something like our corn. You can see that our corn is actually taking up quite a bit of space inside there. It is a pretty good gap and because of this, we are having some heat escaping so we are going to go ahead and go a little longer than we usually would. I'm going to go five minutes on this so we should really have some good corn. All right it's been about five minutes so open this up and look at this corn. You'll see there is some really nice grill marks and if you want to even these grill marks out, you can just turn this corn around like this and give it a go for another couple of minutes. Like here if we wanted to grill up here on this side. You can also roll the corn around too. It's like this so you'll drop this real slow; trying to get away from me. You've got to watch that corn because it is sneaky. So you can just drop like this for a couple of minutes but I am fine with the way it looks and going to take it just like this and go find another plate.