Video transcription

OK, let me give you a little once over here. This is actually one of the newer Foreman grills. Yours may not look like this but they all function effectively the same way. This one actually has a temperature knob on top and you go from off to low to medium to high. Most of the new ones do have this. If you have a really old one it's just going to have one setting, which is whatever you plug it in on, which basically works out to about medium I've notice, so I've got a couple of old ones myself. So, we're going to open it up and you'll see the grill plates inside. The top plate is kind of like a steak looking press, the bottom plate is an actual grill plate. You'll notice that each ridge is raised up off the bottom. That's actually, first of all to put the grill marks on your food, second of all though, it's also there to help the fat drip away, which you'll notice here, in the front right below, that there's a little pan to catch the fat. It's one of the best things about the Foreman grill is the fact that, with a little know turn here I can tilt it forward and as you cook all the fat's going to slide off of whatever you are cooking into this little trough down here and won't stay on your food. You can enjoy all your steaks and everything like that and you're not going to have the, it's not going to be sitting in the fat. You'll be surprised how much fat comes out of stuff, it's kind of remarkable. These things are great if you want to try to eat healthy. You can grill sandwiches, you can grill veggies in it without having to toss in a whole bunch of butter, not that it's bad but I am trying to eat healthier. Also another good thing about it is with this really cook non-stick coating, usually all you have to do when you're done is either rinse it out or just wipe it off. And if you are lucky enough to have one of the newer ones, the newer ones actually have the removable grill plate so can just take them out, let them cook and then wash them. Alright, well let's get started cooking some stuff then.