Video transcription

While we are waiting for the oven to heat up, we are going to take that bowl of water and put it in the bottom part of the oven. The reason we are doing this is because, that is hot, what gives French bread its unique really crispy really tough outside but light inside is the fact that you use a really super hot oven, 450 degrees and the moisture from the water kind of vaporizes and soaks up inside the bread and gives it that kind of pillowy soft inside. What you are going to do is you are going to take that out about 15 minutes into cooking it and then you are going to let the bread finish and the bread will be done. Looks like we have a few more minutes before the oven is ready to heat up so then we will be ready to go and I will come get you and we will finish our bread. Alright so we are ready to go. We have got a nice nonstick baking sheet here. I have got my three baguettes and I am just going to sit them down on the baking sheet, one of them barely fits. We are going from small, medium, to large here. We do not brush them with anything we just put them in like this. If you are not using a nonstick baking sheet you want to make sure that you lay down some flour on the bottom or some parchment paper. You can also put these right on the rack but most ovens rack spacing is about this wide and so then you get some sag. If you have a special wire rack you can cook the on that is your best deal but most modern ovens don't have that. I know mine doesn't. Now we are going to give this just a couple of minutes to put it in the oven. Actually I think my oven should be hot enough so let's check it. It is hot enough so I am going to go ahead and put them in there sideways so they get even cooking. If I did it this way, one side would be hotter than the other and you would get some weird stuff going on. I am just going to open up, put those in there and I am going to set my timer here for 15 minutes because at 15 minutes that is when the water is going to come up and then we are going to go another 7 to 10 minutes without the water so we will come back in 15 minutes and we will check and see how our bread is looking.