Video transcription

CHEF BLONDIE: So as you'll probably recall, I said we we're preheating the oven to 275 degrees but if you take a look up here at my oven on my temperature it says 250. I happen to know because I have an oven thermometer inside the oven that my oven runs about 25 degrees over so I know that inside this oven is 275 degrees perfectly, I really advice investing in one of these. And in goes my stakes middle rack, center of the oven and I'm going to put these on a timer for approximately 20--I'm using 23 minutes because I like between rare and medium rare. 20 to 25 minutes for rare to medium rare, 25 to 30 minutes for a medium anything beyond that don't do fillet mignon choose something else you're wasting a perfectly good steak. So now we're going to come over and talk a little bit about our bread pudding because we've got a good 25 minutes to waste here. Once my timer goes off, I'm going to insert my trusty digital thermometer. We've talked about this before; it is a cook's best friend, big numbers, digital readout. The one thing that we're going to do different that you probably aren't used to is we're going to slide this in horizontally to the meat as opposed to vertically because we want a full temperature gauge in that center of that meat. So the horizontal needs to give us a readout of a hundred degrees. I know that that sounds low but once we're done searing it on the stove, we'll have a perfect 125. Come on along.