Video transcription

So now that I have tenderized my steak, I really need to decided if I need to butterfly this or not. Really due to the thickness that we have here we really don't need to butterfly it. I can so roll it up very easily. One of the things that you should consider though if you do have a thicker piece of flank steak would be to go ahead and butterfly it. So you can make sure that the pieces of steak are a little bit smaller. The way that you would do that if you needed to do it would be just to take your knife down here. Then you would run your knife parallel all the way across just like so. Then you would open your flank steak up or cut it all the way through and make 2 logs out of one piece of flank steak. But like I said this flank steak is about a half inch thick and that is just fine for what we are doing today.