Video transcription

Today we are going to make white bean soup with hamhocks and cornbread. Now we are going to change gears a little bit now that we have shown you the way to soak the beans over night and then take the water out. Then replenish it with water this is going to be the easiest method to use after a hards day work you just want to do something quicker. Just use the can beans now as you can see these are the just regular white beans. So what we want to do is get our pot ready that one we are going to complete our dish in. Go ahead and open the beans and it's going to have a quite of bit of juice in here to and we want that. Just go ahead and we are going to put it right into the pot as you can see there is a lot of liquid in there. We'll add these other two that I have opened and we want to put these sort of on medium heat. You can go ahead and put it on high to begin with just to get them up to speed and then we'll show you what the next step is.