Video transcription

Today I’ll be making traditional London Broil with roasted Yukon Gold potatoes and asparagus wrapped in bacon. Okay, so now you’ll see what I’ve done, I’ve got my sauté pan and I’ve just go the tiniest amount of oil, probably a little bit less than an ounce, and I just need a very, very, very tiny bit and what we’re going to do now we’re going to take the top round and I’m over here scrapping the onions off of it, and we are going to sear it off real quick, and getting the onions off of it can be a bit of a hassle, they want to stick to it, all righty, so here we go, now you’re not trying to really cook the meat here so much in as you’re trying to just get a nice sear on the outside of it. The sugar will help with that a lot, it will caramelize on the outside, you’ll see here in a second, I’m just making sure that the oil is evenly distributed in the pan. See how I’ve got a nice sear on this side, see like over here, this is what you’re looking for, you know maybe a minute and a half, two minutes on each side and then we’re going to put it right into the stock pot on top of all the onions and the rest of the marinade which I have right here. This is going to go in the oven for about forty five minutes covered, a good rule of thumb, it’s four hundred degrees and thirty minutes for every pound of it, I’ve got about one point eight pounds here so, you can tell where my math came from. Try to get a hold of this here again, little bit longer on this side I think, what this does is this sears all the outside and it locks all the moisture into the steak as opposed to letting it seep out and it makes for a much better end result. All right so I’m taking it off the heat and we’re going just hot, right off of the pan, right on top of all the marinade and just check underneath for any pan drippings you’ve got because that’s all flavor, as a matter of fact, I’m going to get my wooden spatula here and really go to town, and scrap all this right back on top. Take my lid, put my lid on it and into the oven we go.