Video transcription

All right so now we are going to season our roast and get ready to go. So we have got our roasting pan here we are going to place the roast in the pan just like that and now we are going to come over here with our garlic and we are just going to dump that in there. Make sure that you get that all out of the container and we are going to take our thyme, fresh thyme we got and we are going to sprinkle that all over. I’m going to use all of it and don’t forget your salt and your pepper, we’ve got the salt here first and you can be pretty liberal with it, because it is just on the outside so it is not going to get inside the roast, black pepper, a couple of turns here, you can never have too much black pepper as far as I am concerned and that’s about it. And then our olive oil, the two ounces of olive oil, pour that right over the top and what we are going to do now is we are going to get our hands very, very dirty. Be sure you get all the olive oil out and so we are just going to take our hands, you can put gloves on if you want but I am not going to because I am going to eat this, not you and I am just going to set there and rub all of the oil and all of the thyme and all of the garlic and the salt and the pepper all around our pork roast. Making sure that I get every side of it, pretty evenly coat it and you want to really rub it in there and you will see that it will kind of start to fall off the roast. So make sure that you put all your chunks of garlic that you can pick up back on top because they won’t do any good if they are just sitting next to it in there. So we are just going to get all of our garlic here, pat it down on the top and there we go, one nicely seasoned pork roast ready for the oven, very good, now it’s ready for the oven.