Video transcription

Welcome back to crustini land. I've finished preparing the rest of my smaller sized crustini toasts for the tenderloin to sit on and I've made a few of the larger sized toasts so that we can have that for our cheese platter later. Into the 350 degree oven we go while the tenderloin is roasting, we're going to have a field trip to one of the most under used tools in your kitchen, I'm sure, the blender. It's not just for making smoothies. I like to use different appliances in my kitchen because of the different liquifications and textures that it gives me. We're going to make the sauce that is going to sit on top of our crustini toasts on top of the beef tenderloin. So for this dish I'm going to add about a cup and a half of sour cream, your favorite if you want, some prepared horse radish, if you want to use fresh horseradish you absolutely may, you can get the roots and you can grate it and squeeze the juices out of it and add fresh, potent horseradish to it and you can also get the pink kind that has the color to it. It is really up to you, your flavor is up to you. If you don't like horseradish you can omit this and use a nice wholegrain mustard. That has a pretty texture and look to it. To that we are going to add just a dash of your favorite steak sauce, Lea and Perrins, Worcestershire, whatever and that is mostly just for some color because we don't want it to look just plain and white we want to give it some texture. I'm going to put it on low and watch it mix. While that is mixing I'm going to add a little pepper and a little salt. I'm going to use my spatula to make sure that all the nice flavors are incorporated and I'm going to pour it into the bowl and it is going to be beautiful. There we go. It has got a nice texture to it and it has got some color with little flecks of pepper and from the steak sauce. This will be a beautiful addition to a delicious dish. Come on back.