Video transcription

Like I said before, you want the whole piece, but you might be living at the gym if you eat the whole thing. First of all, what you have to have is a really good knife. Remember, don't be angry when you're cutting fudge, just get a good knife. The reason it's in a glass of water. This is a glass of hot water. This is going to make it a lot easier for you to cut the fudge because you just spent 2-4 hours hardening the fudge. You want to get into this really hard surface, but you want a really clean line. You know when you buy fudge or chocolate at a really good chocolate shop, the pieces are really nice and even, so you want yours to look as professional. Dunk that knife. It could be a heavy knife. Just don't use a serrated knife. A serrated knife obviously has little grooves. This is a really great knife that has flat surface. If it's a little bit too much water, you just wipe it off, because basically you just want it heated. As you see, it cuts a perfect line. See that. Perfect. You can dip again if you want. I just always wipe it. It stays warm, but you want to make the pieces really small. These are about half inch pieces. This is very very rich tasting fudge. When people eat it, it's better to have a small piece that can just melt in their mouth. We're going to do one more row, and then I'm going to show you how you can make really great gifts for house warming presents for people with this homemade fudge. Once again, just see how easy it cuts. It's all because it's nice and firm and you're using that nice hot knife.