Video transcription

Now I'm going to show you how to flute the edge. Just take one finger and point this way and put your other finger in a pinching position and push the dough into your fingers, work your way around the pie. You can even do two pinching motions and push the crust all the way around. Let me just stop and shape it, pinch it all the way around and you kind of tuck it into the lip of the pie plate as you go. You can turn the pie as you go, if you got some crumbly areas that is fine just keep doing it will look great when it is baked. Pinched that over, pinch it all the way around. This part is a little bit low Im just going to take a extra piece of dough and take a extra piece of dough just add int there and have a nice piece of crust in there. Okay we will pinch that all the way around. Okay and just tuck it over.