Repairing Cracks In Cheesecake

Video transcription

So now let's prepare the crack what you do you have your pallet knife in the hot water dry it, what we're going to do we're just going to push it down and fill in the hole, no problem because once this is refrigerated this will reset when you slice it no one will ever now. So we have our crack repaired and I'm going to smooth it over the middle just like so, almost like working with speckle there you go the crack is repaired so like I said don't worry about cracks when you bring the cake out of the oven. If it's cracked in the middle no big deal we can fix that, no that we have the crack taken care of what we want to do is make this look like perfect cheesecake as you can see it's rough around the edges, the top is fairly even cause we knifed it when it came out of the oven. But we want to round this down a little bit we want to smooth the edges. We want this cake to be camera ready okay so what I'm going to do with my pallet knife going to dip, wipe, swipe. Okay if you have a cake wheel at home which most people don't you can just set it down and finish it or you can use something like a can to set it on. I prefer to hold the cake up like so, so we're going to smooth the sides first then we're going to round the edges down and blemishes that you see you know you can work with the knife and fill it in. Again you can be creative with this take your time make it smooth.

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