Video transcription

Now that our cake has set up overnight it's time to fix any cracks that you may have and we're going to smooth down the sides and get this ready for topping. Now what you need what I use you can use a boning knife or pairing knife or an offset pallet knife or frosting spreader. These 2 items are essential container with hot water you always want the water to be hot when working with the cheesecake you'll see why. So we're going to put these in the water keep them up a little bit now with a spring form pan when you open this it could ripe the cake, so what we want to do is loosen up the cake around the edges. There are other cheesecake pans we're the bottom comes straight out and those are best but there hard to come by so we decided to use the spring form pan that you can purchase at just about any grocery store. So what we'll do we'll take our boning knife against the medal make sure it's firmly against the medal we'll go about 1/3 away around dip, wipe and continue. We're going to do this all the way around the cake try to keep your knife against the medal, you don't want to go in we want this cake to come out perfectly, so there we go. Now gently release it there it's coming out the sides, perfectly that's because we sprayed the pan see hardly anything left on the cake around the pan here so we did well.