Video transcription

Now we have our vegetable basket here. I've taken it out of the refrigerator. It's been wrapped up nice and tight in the bag in the refrigerator all night. And I have our buckets of flowers. The flowers had been in the water upside down in the refrigerator overnight. Now we're ready to put the vegetable basket together. And you want to prepare a bunch of these green onion stems. Now we're going to use the green onion stems to slip over the skewer, to hide the skewer. And you don't want to make the green onion stems too long because you need about this much, about four inches, to put into the vegetable. So go ahead and put a stem on like that and then grasp the top of the flower and just push it in like that. Now we made a lot of different flowers. We had the radish, the giant radish flowers, and we want to alternate the colors so that you have a little bit of everything in your basket. Look at these beautiful scallion centers and our radish roses here. And you just take and you grasp the top and push it in carefully into the vegetables and into the basket. And you see that they stand very and firm. Our vegetables are in nice and tight. And you can poke them actually right into the vegetables and they're nice and firm. Now here's the kohlrabi flower. We have our radish rose here. We can see that the different colors really make the basket look pretty, bright and fresh. Here we've got a sweet potato flower and we used the top of a pepper for a center. This one is a turnip flower and we've used the tip of a hot pepper for the center and that's very pretty. Now in this flower we've cut it in a jagged fashion and it gives it a whole new look. So just continue to take your flowers, arrange them and really fill up this basket full.