Video transcription

You want to fill up this basket really nice and tight. We can add our cauliflower here in little bunches. I'm going to go around my pepper to sort of outline the pepper and really bring out the pepper. You can also put the cauliflower or broccoli around the edge of the basket. You just sort of push up your vegetables and tuck it around the edge like this. And you want to have these vegetables really tightly in the basket because that will help hold our flowers in. And really fill that basket up nicely. Now at this point you want to store your vegetable basket. If you're going to have your event the next day, you want to store this in the refrigerator, wrapped up nicely in a plastic bag. And before you close up that plastic bag, you want to take a little bit of water and just kind of spritz the vegetables. Get them so they're nice and moist. And this will keep them crisp and fresh overnight. If you have a spray bottle with fresh water in it, you can also use a spray bottle. Just spritz it, just get it nice, nice and wet and then just put it into a bag. You want to make sure you don't use those funny scented bags, just a nice clean plastic bag. And wrap the whole thing up like this and store that in your refrigerator. And your flowers, you'll store in the buckets of water in the refrigerator also. And then about an hour before your event you'll put everything together.