Video transcription

Now what we will do is lube the cable. We’ve already got the clutch already re-adjusted, the cable is still unadjusted all the way loose; we’ll stand up and adjust the cable, take the cable out of the perch, pull it out with your hand, take your Inox or cable lube, stick it inside the cable and about 8 to 10 drops. Just squeeze into the bottle and let it go in. The back end, now what you will do is you will start to extend your clutch, clutch cable by turning out the cable. As you’ll notice, the lever is starting to move towards the perch. You will want to leave a small amount in play and a 16th to 8th of an inch about the width of a dime between the actual end of the lever and the start of the perch. See as you tug the cable, see that little bit of play? Just a little bit more. It should be easy to pull in and easy to come out. You will tighten up your cable, put your derby cable back on with the new gasket and that’s all there is for adjusting your clutch.